• YuktobonianAce

    Ace Combat 7 Idea

    November 27, 2010 by YuktobonianAce

    First of all, i am NOT referring to Assault Horizon, that is NOT AC7, it is in the real world, not Strangereal.

    So here's my main plot description

    Year: 2016-2017. War: Second Belkan War Character: Mobius 1, Yelow 13, Blaze, and Phantom (Multiple storylines.) Story: 12/23/15, the Belkan Reformation and Expansion Group, and group set on restoring Belka to it's former glory, bombs Sudentor, with help from The Falcons of Dawn. Unwilling to start a war, but wanting to send a message, Osea has a PMC member shoot down a Tu-160 flying to the North Osea/Osean border and destroy 5 M60 tanks headed the same way. After framing the OADF, 19 M60s, 3 T-72s, and 2 T-90s attempt to push across the border, only to fail missrably. About to declare war on Belkā€¦

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