Ace Combat 7 Ideas.

First of all, i am NOT referring to Assault Horizon, that is NOT AC7, it is in the real world, not Strangereal.

So here's my main plot description

Year: 2016-2017. War: Second Belkan War Character: Mobius 1, Yelow 13, Blaze, and Phantom (Multiple storylines.) Story: 12/23/15, the Belkan Reformation and Expansion Group, and group set on restoring Belka to it's former glory, bombs Sudentor, with help from The Falcons of Dawn. Unwilling to start a war, but wanting to send a message, Osea has a PMC member shoot down a Tu-160 flying to the North Osea/Osean border and destroy 5 M60 tanks headed the same way. After framing the OADF, 19 M60s, 3 T-72s, and 2 T-90s attempt to push across the border, only to fail missrably. About to declare war on Belka, Osea suddenly gets word of a civil war bettween Belkan Loyalists (Government soldiers and Mercenaries, "Good guys") and Belkan Reformationists (Multiple PMCs, Falcons of Dawn, and Belkan Reformation and Expansion Group.) Despite troops flooding in from Ustio, the Revolutionaries win the war, creating a global panic. Fato sides with the new Belkan government, along with Free Eurusia and AWWNB remnants. Osea creates a NATO-style Alliance with ISAF, Yuktobonia, and Saipan (or was it Saipin?) Just as predicted, war breaks out, but despite being outnumbered, Belka gains the upper hand, building 20 FALKENs to overwhelm an resistance. After having their capital taken, Osea turn so the Yukes. They instruct all evacuation planes to land and all Fighters to retreat. A nuke is launched at Oured, and explodes in space, creating an EMP. It destroys 30 of the FALKENs attacking the capital, at the cost of 12 planes that were to distract the planes while the ICBM was launched. After this, a force of 4 planes is made to stop the war, including Mobius 1, Yellow 13, Blaze, and Phantom, a Private Contractor. There's a difference between the types of missions charctors do. Mobius 1 often leads the squad in large dogfights, while 13 spearheads bombings and Blaze handles super weapons, and Phantom is a Do whatever type of guy. Also, in the end, after a Belkan Superweapon is destroyed, 30 FALKENs move to intercept the squad. The characters are flying their superplanes, Blaze in a FALKEN, Mobius in a X-02, Yelow 13 in a X-02 with a TLS, and Phantom in a Morgan. Ready to make their final stand, they arm their weapons, when suddenly a CFA-44 (Garuda 1) and Morgan (Pixy's son) appear, along with the ISAF, Saipan, and Yuke airforces behind them, and a final battle is waged. Depending on who the players plays as, there are different endings. Mobius 1 or Yellow 13: The two are sitting amongst the wreckage, talking about the madness of war, when Yellow 13 says that maybe there is a way to end it. A small feather lands on 13's foot. Blaze: A home in the still heavilly damaged Oured is seen. Inside, Kei Nagase and a child are watching a speach by the president, when a door opens and Blaze walks in (Head not in view.) Phantom: Two morgans ar seen in a hangar and Phantom and Pixy's son are playing cards. Pixy's son talks about how is dad went missing in the begining of the war. Phantom smiles and says "You've been flying with him the whole time... Buddy."

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