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"I feel as if I want to dance the night away with an angel."
― Colonel Voychek

Colonel Victor Voychek (Estovakian: Виктор Войчек) was an Estovakian soldier and high-ranking member of the Estovakian Air Force. A veteran of the Estovakian Civil War and experienced fighter pilot, he was the leader of the elite 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Strigon" from its beginnings.


Victor was born in Estovakia in 1974. At some point in his life, he joined the Estovakian Air Force. During the 2007-2014 Estovakian Civil War, he served as the lead pilot of the elite Strigon Squadron of the Eastern Faction. The group, ruled by Gustav Dvornik, became the victor and assumed control of the government at the conclusion of the conflict.


Invasion of Gracemeria

Strigon SQ

Strigon Squadron lead by Voychek during Invasion of Gracemeria

In August 2015, the ruling junta of "The Generals" declared war on the neighboring Republic of Emmeria, launching a full scale air invasion on the capital of Gracemeria in the early hours of the 31st. After the initial assault was successfully fought off by the Emmerian Air Force and the local military, Victor and the Strigon team entered the city, while the P-1112 Aigaion heavy command cruiser of the Estovakian Aerial Fleet provided cover by launching Nimbus cruise missiles at the city.

The Nimbus attacks wiped out most of the Emmerian armed forces, forcing the remaining survivors to give up Gracemeria and flee from the city. Aided by reinforcements, the Strigon team began hunting down the escaping Emmerian troops. Amidst the chaos, Voychek was engaged and pursued by a Republic of Emmeria Air Force pilot called Talisman; after a hard fight, his Su-33 suffered heavy damage. Defeated, he ejected over Emmerian soil. The fight with Talisman damaged one of his legs, rendering him partially crippled and requiring a walking cane for movement. His delicate health left him unfit to fly, and was thus transferred to the Estovakia Central Forces Precinct Air Force Intelligence Bureau as an interrogator of prisoners of war. His position as leader of Strigon was assumed by Darijo Kovac, his second wingman.

AC6 Assault Record Victor Voychek

Voychek's Assault Record.

Life in Gracemeria

After receiving his injury, Voychek began working on the ground as an intelligence officer and interrogator. When he arrived in the now-ruined city of Gracemeria, as he turned his back, he found that his luggage had been stolen by children looking to scavenge whatever they could to survive.

After meeting with Lt. Commander Ilya Pasternak, who had been brought in to turn the tide of the war back in Estovakia's favour. Voychek took to wandering the war-torn streets of Gracemeria, and found his way to the old Emmerian royal treasury where he found all but one of the paintings and the statue of the Emmerian "Golden King" presumeably looted, much to his disgust. As he set down a steel briefcase containing top-secret military documents to adjust the painting of a falcon, the only remaining painting, it was stolen by a child who called out "Go dance with the angels", a buzzword within the Emmerian military and REAF, originating from Matilda Herman during an Estovakian propaganda broadcast.

Cursing himself, Voychek gave chase and found a hidden passageway in the library which lead into the catacombs beneath the city and found himself, confronted by a handful of street children, determined to keep their location safe from Estovakian security patrols..

Victor Voychek

Voychek in Gracemeria Railway Station

As the children prepared to subdue him, a tremor, caused by the demolition in the area for the Gracemeria fortification construction, activated the ancient barrier defense mechanisms, leaving them trapped in the tunnel threatening to seal them all inside, with nowhere else to turn, Voychek and the children ran deeper into the catacombs, at one point risking his own life to save a child who had fallen from being sealed in the tunnel. They then escaped to a large antechamber with no way out now that the barriers had all sealed.

Now trapped within the catacombs, Voychek sat quietly in the corner while the children talked and laughed. Observing how the war had affected the children and their families, Voychek began rethinking his image of the street children, having once seen them as a symbol of strife and despair, despite being lonely, they all had a deep sense of pride for their country's pilots.

Later that night, he examined the documents inside the briefcase, which the children had returned to him in exchange for a bar of chocolate, he found himself shocked by what he saw. Although he would not reveal what was contained within until much later, he was horrified at what it could mean if the information was to be correct.

Days later, Voychek and the children were rescued (even if inadvertedly) by Sgt. Louis McKnight and his tank crew, who were intending to break into the central vault of Gracemeria's bank, but because of Donnie Torch's terrible sense of direction, they ended up beneath Gracemeria's old royal treasury, finding the Statue of the Golden King along with Voychek, Matilda and the other street children.

It is unknown what happened to Voychek over the course of Gracemeria's liberation, he presumably went through processing along with other Estovakian POW's and was released along with his briefcase. During the Estovakian assault on the newly-liberated city Voychek took shelter in the train station with Melissa Herman, who had been reunited with her daughter, and the other children.

After mentioning the fact that Gracemeria's liberation would accomplish nothing and that the city would soon be destroyed, Melissa questioned him, asking him to explain himself. Initially Voychek refused, stating that "Although [he] didn't want to see the children die [he] had a duty to [his] country.Ludmila Tolstaya, the fiancee of Lt. Toscha Mijasik spoke, telling him of her relationship with his pupil, and of the hardships she endured to get to Gracemeria and eventually to him. And how he had "Lost the sky, but gained the land in return.She then encouraged him to save the children, and encouraged him to do the right thing.

With Ludmila's encouraging words, Voychek opened the briefcase, revealing the technical plans for the Chandelier, a weapon of mass destruction. He pleaded with Melissa to somehow get the information to the Emmerian pilots who were planning an assault on the weapon. 


Upon the destruction of the Chandelier, Voychek stood as the best man at Toscha and Ludmila's wedding at the POW camp, and stated that the Generals who ruled Estovakia had been overthrown by a Coup d'etat. He felt no shame in his country's surrendering to Emmeria, and was happy that he could return to his homeland. It is presumed that Voychek became an advocate for peace within the new Estovakian government. Nothing is known of him after the war.


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