The Waiapolo Mountains are a mountain range located in central Usea. In the middle of the continent, the mountains extend from Gnome Ravine in the west to Faith Park in the east, and at the midpoint the mountains further extend south to the Scofields Plateau.[1]


2014 Free Erusean uprising

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Intercorporate War

The Waiapolo Mountains appear during the Nemo-simulated Intercorporate War. In the first instance, UPEO's SARF unit always destroys a Neucom Incorporated radar site in the mountain range that was jamming a General Resource Limited airfield.[2]

If Nemo remains loyal to UPEO at the first branch point, UPEO will send Nemo and other SARF pilots to defend Neucom's air base in the mountain range from a General Resource attack.[3] If Nemo instead joins General Resource at that branch point, Nemo will take part in the GRDF's attack on the air base.[4]


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere


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