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A feature first introduced in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Wingman Command allows the player, for the first time in Ace Combat history, to control their squadron at will. From 2004 onward, it has become a standard feature in every Ace Combat title ever since (excluding Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, which lacks WC due to the PlayStation Portable's limited controls).

Wingman Command ControlsEdit

The Wingman Command system works by pressing any button on the d-pad. Once pressed, the wingman command interface will appear next to the radar. Press any d-pad button to execute its assigned Command.

Button CommandsEdit

  • Press <- to order your teammates to Disperse. This order enhances your allies' operational range, while restricting them to fly by your proximity.
  • Pressing -> will allow your teammates to Use Special Weapons. This command will let your friends fire their SP weapons at will; this order can be combined with the other 3.
  • Press Down to order your subordinates to Cover you. Once given, this command will have your allies attack any hostile that opens fire on you.
  • Finally, pressing Up will order your wingmen to Attack. This order has your teammates shoot all targets located in front of you.

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