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A minor squadron which appeared in The Unsung War, Wisna Squadron appeared during the Osean siege of Cruik Fortress, and were the final squadron known to defend the frontline at Cruik, attempting to prevent the Osean raid from taking over the fortress. Their flight consists of 8 planes, 4 JAS-39C Gripen's and 4 Su-27 Flanker's. Although over 15 aircraft appeared throughout the mission, 8 of those planes (the group taking off from Cruik's runway) are Wisna planes. They were all shot down by the 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron over the skies of Cruik.

Interestingly enough, this squadron appears to have the only enemy female pilot in the entire game. Just after they begin to take off from Cruik's runway, an enemy female voice can be heard saying "Targeting the Razgriz and other enemy strike craft".


  • It is known that at least one Wisna pilot (the female) survived, for in the mission Aces, after the tunnel is opened and if the player does not fly through for a moment, a friendly Yuke pilot with a female voice says, 'I never thought I'd be flying with the Razgriz.'
  • Another Yuktobanian Wisna Squadron craft survived the fight, evidenced when (as with the female pilot) the player hesitates before entering the tunnel. The male pilot says, "there were three planes last time I saw them; now there's four!"


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