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The XB-10 was a giant bomber developed in Usea in the 20th century.


Nicknamed the "Big Bad Mama"[citation needed], the XB-10 was a prototype bomber in development by May of 1998. The extent of its production is uncertain, but its assembly lines were seized by the Usean Rebel Forces during the Usean Coup d'etat. In full production, it would have been known as the "B-10".[1]

The XB-10 project neared completion in the first half of the war, with a single prototype being moved to the Comona Islands for refinement. The project was discovered by the government forces after the attack on the Scofield Plateau weapons factory, and the prototype destroyed by the Scarface Squadron inside a hangar before it could be deployed.[1]

Despite the attack on Comona, a functional model was produced and deployed by the rebels to protect the region of Snider's Top at the end of the loyalists' Operation Bellissima, but was too destroyed by Scarface in battle.[1]

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  • The XB-10 has considerably more HP than other enemy bombers like the B-2A. Being able to take 4 missiles and some gunfire before going down.


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