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XFA-27 (Aurelia)
Technical Information
Aircraft Role Air superiority fighter
Historical Information
Operators Aurelia
Real-World Information
Manufacturers Unknown
Appearances Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
Ace Combat: Joint Assault
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

The XFA-27 is an enigmatic fighter aircraft from the Strangereal world.


Described as an "experimental aircraft", the XFA-27 was built under mysterious circumstances at some point in the 20th century. A number of units were acquired by the Aurelian Air Force prior to 2020, some of which were used in the Leasath-Aurelia War. Owing to the aircraft's frequent appearances in Usea, a likely theory is that the XFA-27 was one of the aircraft produced by neighbors of Erusea after discovering the existence of the X-02 Wyvern in the late nineties, yet this remains unconfirmed.

The XFA-27 adopts an sleek, angular design with variable geometry wings and unspecified, high-output engines, giving it an extreme level of maneuverability and acceleration. A distinguishing feature of the jet is the Scarface Missile Bay System (MBS), a software upgrade that disables weapon launch limits, allowing it to release four missiles in quick succession. Aurelian models used COFFIN technology to a limited degree, employing cameras beneath the cockpit to ensure maximum visibility while retaining a conventional glass canopy.

Ace Combat 2Edit

ACE2 XFA-27 Display
The XFA-27 is a secret combat aircraft debuted in Ace Combat 2. It is the second original fighter of the Ace Combat after the ADF-01 FALKEN, and the first to be available to the player for use.

It is an aircraft exclusive to Extra mode, and serves as an unlock replacement to the YF-22 Lightning II in said mode. It can be unlocked by commencing a second playthrough and arriving to the mission "Dead End" or "St. Elmo's Fire", and defeating the ace formation "Fox Force Four". It costs $500,000 to purchase, nearly twice as much as either the F-22 Raptor or the YF-23A Black Widow II.

In performance, the XFA-27 is the best available aircraft of the entire game. It combines max-level speed, defense, combat capability and maneuverability in a single package. In addition, it has 75-80% in stability. The main characteristic of the fighter is its ability to release four missiles in sequence, and carries an 88-missile payload.

Ace Combat X: Skies of DeceptionEdit

Technical Information
Historical Information
Real-World Information
"Originally developed as an experimental aircraft, its true capabilities are veiled in secrecy."
― Menu description.

The XFA-27 returns as a playable aircraft in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. It is one of the three featured original aircraft designs that do not debut in this game, the other two being the X-02 Wyvern and the ADF-01 FALKEN. Canonically speaking, it is never used by enemies in the single-player campaign, but is featured in the extra mission "Operation X", where the player can engage an ace enemy called "Scarface One".

It is unlocked as a playable aircraft in Gryphus One's arsenal as a reward for finishing "Captive City", mission 03B, and has a cost of 26,000$. In this installment, the performance of the aircraft has been downgraded: it is mediocre in air-to-air/ground combat, is not very stable, and has a rather average defense. However, it has strong engines and is fairly mobile. It also has the advantage of being unlocked earlier than most late game aircraft, and also comes with the Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile from purchase, making it a viable aircraft even as other aircraft are unlocked.

A major advantage that favors the player is that the XFA-27 is one in a select group of aircraft compatible with the tuning system, which can be used to bolster and reinforce the fighter's performance parameters. Its characteristic four-missile launch ability can be reinstated through the use of the "Scarface MBS" Weapons upgrade, which raises ammunition capacity and general combat capabilities at the exchange of lesser stability. Its weapons arsenal includes the Electronic Counter Measure Pod, Stand-off Dispenser and QAAM.


  • Aurelia: Standard gray camouflage.
  • Leasath: Gray/white "triangle" camouflage.
  • Special 1: Black colorway with brown surface trim.
  • Special 2: "Scarface" pattern; ghost white with solid red trim.

Ace Combat Xi: Skies of IncursionEdit

The XFA-27 is an special aircraft featured in Ace Combat Xi. The fourth available aircraft in the original version of the game (as well as the first unlockable one), it is made available to the player after completing all five standard missions in Easy difficulty.

It inherits its performance from Skies of Deception-- it has high airspeed and is quite maneuverable, but has below-average combat capabilities and is somewhat unstable. Furthermore, it has good armor. Due to the lack of color selection in this game, it can be used only with a basic gray paintjob.

Ace Combat: Joint AssaultEdit

Technical Information
Historical Information
Real-World Information
The XFA-27 is an original aircraft featured in Ace Combat: Joint Assault, and one of many returning from Ace Combat X. As with the previous game, it does not have any major appearances in the campaign of the game, but is featured as an enemy in the special mission "Operation X".

It can be unlocked by finishing the mission "Desert Gust" twice in ACE difficulty. As with other aircraft returning from Skies of Deception, this aircraft's statistics have been generally downgraded, making it a mid-level combat jet with a generally average performance. However, this problem can be remedied through the use of the enhanced tuning system.

It must be noted that the "Scarface MBS" weapon upgrade is not present in Joint Assault, thus stripping the XFA-27 of its quad-missile launch ability. Nevertheless, the Omnidirectional Multi-Purpose Missile (ODMM) can serve as a de facto replacement for this feature, though one must be wary of its ammunition payload. Along with the ODMM, it retains all compatible weapons from ACE-X.


  • C01: Gray colorway.
  • C02: Gray and white camouflage.
  • C03: Ace Combat 5-style black paint.
  • C04: Scarface Squadron camouflage.
  • C05: "Solvalou" camouflage.
  • C06: Gray disruptive camouflage.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon LegacyEdit

XFA-27 Phoenix

XFA-27 in the Cover of Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble

The XFA-27 makes a return as a playable aircraft in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy. In order to earn it, the player must acquire a rank of Brigadier General (unlike AC2, this can be done in the Free Missions, Survival Missions, or Extra Missions). An airframe of the plane costs 255,000 credits.

Akin to its Ace Combat 2 stats, the XFA-27 excels in most stats, retaining its high maneuverability. Stability, as such, is still its lowest stat.


  • C01: Air superiority camouflage.
  • C02: "Solvalou" livery.
  • C03: Scarface Squadron livery.
  • C04: Disruptive brown camouflage.
  • C05: Dark yellow/mustard.
  • C06: Color 02 with blue/purple tone.


  • In Ace Combat 2's Model Viewer feature, the header calls the XFA-27 "F27".
  • The XFA-27 appears as a guest "character" in the Nintendo 3DS game Pro Baseball Famista 2011, along with characters from other Namco Bandai franchsies such as God Eater and Tekken. To date, it is the only cameo of Ace Combat in any Namco series, excluding its constant references in Ridge Racer.

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