The XR-45 Cariburn is an original fighter-type aircraft from the Strangereal world.

It made its debut on the handheld Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.


The XR-45 is a next-generation concept aircraft produced by an unknown manufacturer. As with other limited-production aircraft of its era, control is governed by the COFFIN flight system, which lacks the highly visible external lights emitted other by most planes using the technology, such as the ADF-01 FALKEN.

The Cariburn uses two powerful two-dimensional thrust vectoring engines, reinforced forward-swept wings and a vertical canard beneath the body, making it extremely maneuverable. An extremely large air intake is placed near the cockpit, the aerodynamic effects of which make the plane slightly slower than most contemporary aircraft by countering the engines' power.

Built for air combat, the XR-45 displays a high operational capability as an interceptor and high-altitude fighter, having no equal in air-to-air combat under the right hands.



During the early days of the Aurelian War, Falco One used the aircraft as his main fighter.[1] It was later made available for use by Gryphus One.

Joint Assault universe

The Cariburn was made available for Antares Squadron during the Valahia Crisis.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

"An air-to-air fighter with a unique forward-swept wing design."

How to Unlock

Complete mission 12A: Nightwatch (12A) on Ace difficulty two times or complete multiplayer Joint Assault mission 3&4: Red and Black on Ace difficulty two times. Costs $248,900.





  • C01: Graphite black.
  • C02: Desert brown camouflage.
  • C03: Gray/sky blue camouflage.
  • C04: Dark blue.
  • C05: Black w/ green.
  • C06: Black w/ white triangular patterns in the wings' flaps.


Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion

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How to Unlock

Available at the start of the game.




Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

XR-45 Cariburn (Aurelia)
"An air-to-air fighter with a unique forward-swept wing design."

How to Unlock

Complete either Striking Point or Blitz. Costs 29,100 credits.


ACEX Statistics XR-45



  • Engine: Turbo Engine, Light Engine, Adv. Turbo Engine, Caudal Engine, RAMJet Engine, C-Cycle Engine.
  • Wings: Adv. Trimtab, Extra V Canard, Extra Elron, Extra Canard, Sylph Wing (aircraft-exclusive), Adv. Actuator, Adv. Balance Tab, Adv. Anti-Balance Tab.
  • Armor: Scale Armor, CFRP Conversion, Ceramic Armor, NERA Armor, TiAl Armor, Composite Armor.
  • Weapons: Destructive Missile, Long Range Gun, Extra Hardpoint, Enhanced Special Homing Missile, Tracker Missile, High-Speed Ammunition.
  • Cockpit: Emergency Auto-pilot, Raven, Terra Hammer, Hawk Eye, Automatic Machine Gun Fire Device, Tracer, Fenrir ECMS, Sniper OS, Argus, Salamander.


  • Standard: Graphite black.
  • Leasath: Brown desert camouflage.
  • Special 1: Gray/light blue camouflage. Unlocked by completing Operation X.
  • Special 2: Deep blue.



  • The XR-45 Cariburn's airframe is possibly inspired by Super Sylph Yukikaze's FFR-41MR/FRX-00 "Mave" fighter. The description of the "Sylph Wing" wing part is described as providing maneuverability "befitting of its name", alluding to the FFR-41MR's extreme maneuverability.
  • The name of this aircraft is an erroneous localization of "Caliburn", an alternate name for the sword Excalibur. This is due to the fact that "L" sounds do not exist in Japanese and are substituted with "R" sounds instead.
  • The third special color for the XR-45 is likely to be a homage to R-103 Delphinus 3.


  1. Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion.

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