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The XR-900 Geopelia is an advanced combat drone developed by Neucom.


The Geopelia was developed by Neucom with the help of former General Resource engineers involved with the X-49 Night Raven, who abandoned the company after the Darkness of Enigma project's cancellation. Noticing the risks of the Opto-Neuron-Synapse-Interface system, it was developed as an unmanned aircraft from the beginning. Research on AI control was carried out under the "Gepetto Project". A conventional Aero Coffin cockpit was installed in early flight tests, but was deactivated in the final version.

Geopelia and XFA36

Nemo's XFA-36A and the commandeered Geopelia.

In the "General Resource" story path, a group of eight Geopelias launched from the remains of Megafloat and attacked the city of Port Edwards. Nemo took off from the local airfield and engaged the rogue drones. After sufficiently damaging it, Nemo transferred itself to the jet and assumed control, using it to destroy the other Geopelias. After the battle, it and the Geopelia landed at the local General Resource airfield. Upon parking, the cockpit was opened to reveal nothing but the seat of the pilot.



Here is a visual comparison of the prototype, WIP model of the Geopelia (left) and the in-game, final model (right).

The YR-900 is a prototype Geopelia model. It is identical in appearance to the XR-900, but uses conventional scramjet engines instead of Aeon turbines. As well, it lacks the laser weaponry of the final version.


  • On the prototype the bottom engines are blue.
  • It has a more conventional jet sound as opposed to the XR-900.
  • The prototype has flames that come out of the upper engines which are very large while the final model has Aeon particles.
  • Lack of any details in the bottom of the plane. The rest of the grey-colored part of the plane also displays a distinct lack of detail.
  • The prototype has a top speed of 2856 km/h.
  • The prototype has a missile payload of 199 and is armed with a 20mm Vulcan instead of its HLC.

Of note is that the YR-900 was originally found via Gameshark employment, similar to the hidden mission Game Show.



  • Width: 29.95m
  • Length: 17.18m
  • Height: 3.72m
  • Weight: 30218 kg
  • Max Speed: 4634 km/h
  • Damage Tolerance: Heavy



  • Geopelia is a genus of small, long-tailed doves.
  • The Geopelia`s wings looks like the Spiridus bi-wings, in a different way.