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The YR-99 Forneus was a next-generation combat aircraft from the Strangereal universe.


The Forneus is a next-gen prototype fighter, one of a handful produced in 2020. Developed using knowledge from existing designs, it uses a unique laminar flow control system that achieves a "breathing wing" effect to reduce drag, thus increasing performance. However, the technology remains shrouded in secrecy.[1]

Instead of designing the body a certain way, the Forneus uses radiation-absorbent material and onboard electronic equipment to remain stealth. As with other aircraft of the era, it also employs a COFFIN system for control (supported by 12 cameras). All of the new technology incorporated into the Forneus result in high production costs, making mass adoption impossible.[1]

A bomber version with an enlarged body, the YRB-89, was also produced and deployed during the Aurelian War.[2]



During the Aurelian War, the aircraft was made available for Gryphus One.

Joint Assault universe

The Forneus was made available for Antares Squadron during the Valahia Crisis.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

"A next-generation prototype, "Forneus" boasts extremely advanced fighting capabilities."

How to Unlock

Complete mission 16: Blockade on the second playthrough. Costs $119,000.


Forneus stats



  • C01: Air superiority gray.
  • C02: Sand desert camouflage.
  • C03: Graphite gray with white highlights.
  • C04: White body with azure central stripe and trailing edges.
  • C05: Purple and black body with gray cockpit.
  • C06: Blue-toned gray body with fish-like texture.


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

YR-99 Forneus
"A next-generation prototype, "Forneus" boasts extremely advanced fighting capabilities."

How to Unlock

Complete mission 12A: Gaiuss Tower. Costs 47,700 credits.


ACEX Statistics YR-99


MSSL x70
LAGM x14
XMAA x14
SFFS x12


  • Aurelia: Air superiority gray.
  • Leasath: Brown desert camouflage.
  • Special 1: Graphite gray with white highlights.
  • Special 2: White body with azure central stripe and trailing edges.



Forneus buggedlight

Bugged blinking canopy lights when viewed from aircraft data viewer

  • The YR-99 is named after Forneus, a mythological demon and Marquis of Hell from The Lesser Key of Solomon. It bestowed charisma and good reputations to individuals who pledged their loyalty to it.
  • The fourth color pattern in Ace Combat X and Joint Assault resembles the traditional color used by the R-101 Delphinus #1 from Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.
  • In Ace Combat: Joint Assault, the Forneus, does not feature canopy lights. However, the canopy lights do function on Color 06. Also when viewed from Fighter Plane Data menu, the canopy lights will blink once albeit bugged.


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