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Yuke T-80U

Yuktobanian T-80U

The Yuktobania Army is the second largest armed forces in the world. The only competitor is the Osean Army. The YGF is frequently compared to its eastern counterpart.


The Yuktobania Armed Forces is the largest section within the Yuktobania military structure. Within the armed forces, there are several Divisions that are unique, but equally important to the success of the Yuktobanian military. The first notable division are the Elite Troop Division, it's comparable to that Osean airborne division. The second notable division is the Field Intelligance Gathering Division, this is one of the unique division that is separated from the other armed divisions within the Armed Forces. In 2010, The Yuktobania Armed Forces first engaged OSDF forces was during Operation Foot Print. The armed forces near Vlona Beach defended there positions with their lives. But they did not have enough air support to keep the Osean forces from capturing and form a beach-head on Vlona Beach. The Oseans kept invading deeper into Yuktobanian territory until they neared the inland desert. During Operation Desert Arrow & Lightning, the OSDF forces entered the region and began their sieges on two Yuktobanian airfields, an the local oil field, and the Yuktobanian field headquarters. All of the Osean forces met with heavy ground resistance by Yuktobanian troops. All resistance and targets obstructing the forward move moment of Osean forces have been destroyed and continue to push to the Yuktobanian last defensive position. During Operation Doodlebug, the Oseans ground forces near Cruik Fortress, Yuktobania's last defensive line in the rural area outside Cinigrad. The remaining Yuktobanian Ground Forces defended their "glorious" fortress with their lives, but in the end it was not enough. Yuktobanian troops retreated all the way back to their capital city and started to setup defensive positions in preparations for an extended urban battle. Unfortunately, the Oseans overran Cruick Fortress and started their attack near the suburban area of Cinigrad.

The Yuktobania Amphibious Assault Forces is the third subdivision of the Yuktobanian Army. The division is responsible for the successful landings in enemy territory to establish a beach-head in order to invade the remaining enemy territory. In 2010, The Yuktobanian Amphibious Asssault Forces began a full assault on the Sand Island Air Force Base. The four landing ships were escorted by destroyers and frigates to protect the landing forces. But the OMDF received advanced warning of the incoming amphibious assault fleet.

Military Vehicles & Equipment


Ground Units

Assault Forces (Bicar, Bolzoi, Fedoro, Ijema, Kedar, Kiparis, Pargin, Sudayev & Upor)
Artillery Unit (Vasily)
Varyag Special Forces
Yuktobanian Landing Forces (Boris & Khrabry)


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